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Biodegradable Plastic
In the marketplace today there are several categories of plastics. Some of them fully break down, others partially do, and some of them do not break down at all. Bioworld is proud to offer the best Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic; these are Bio-Based, and Compostable products.

Compostable Products
Our compostable products are made of100% organic material, which includes organic, non-GMO tapioca and PLA; this material has no contaminants. Our products are 100% compostable, and will biodegrade down to small pieces within 90 – 180 days.
Our compostable products are certified food-grade and environmentally responsible, they have the BPI compostable certification, and they achieved the FDA compliance certification by SGS.

Bio-based plastic

The Biobased products contain both renewable and fossil-fuel-based carbon. Our meat trays and dinnerware are made of at least 60% renewable resources. Our products are certified food-grade and environmentally responsible.
We are proud of our prodcuts, they have:

• OK Biobased “two star” and “three star” certification
• FDA compliance certification by SGS

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