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By using our compostable and Bio-based products, it conveys that our customers care so much about your food that they don't want it packaged in anything but the best packaging available.

We care for the environment by offering product solutions which enable retailers, food producers, restaurants, hotels and consumers to meet their sustainability goals.

Our products are a viable, non-toxic, styrene-free, and disposable alternative to conventional styrofoam trays. They are made from polymer tapioca, starches, and complimentary ingredients.

All of our products have a strong construction for durability.

We offer a wide variety of meat trays, food containers, plates, cups, cutlery and bags. They are available in bulk quantities or packaged for retail sales.

Our products meet ASTM D6866 Bio-Based specifications.
Tray, plates, cutlery and container products are GMO FREE.

Containers, plates, clam shells, cutlery, drinking cups

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